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"Jim's classes were an incredible investment in my personal safety and it was remarkable how much he could teach me in such a short time! I attended class with a vertically challenged friend (she's barely 5 feet tall) and by the end of class I was amazed to see how Jim was able to maximize her strength and skills. His classes help you to realize your own abilities by capitalizing on your natural reaction to stressful situations. He focuses on practical skills and basic techniques — it was a great experience and I look forward to more classes" - Patti Z. Former Student

Jeet Kune Do LogoWhat does NO QUARTER mean?
In a nutshell, it means showing no mercy to your opponent.
What is Jeet Kune Do (JKD)?
Bruce Lee studied many different forms of martial arts and took what he believed was the best from each, forming a basis for his fighting. He believed that by doing so it enabled him to fight in different ranges, opponents with different body sizes, and allowed him to be responsive to various fighting styles. Today, JKD continues to evolve, incorporating aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino martial arts, Savate, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Western boxing, etc.
Why is JKD good self-defense in a street application?
JKD isn?t a style, but more of a philosophy toward fighting. A street fight takes on many faces and dynamics. You must train to expect and efficiently respond to different styles of fighting? or no style at all! The mantra of JKD comes from Lee?s original philosophy that states, ?Take what is useful and discard the rest.? This is why JKD explores many styles, and various aspects of these styles, to incorporate what is useful for fighting and disregarding what is deemed useless.
Can I train to become a good street fighter?
No. A street fighter is someone who lives with constant violence and is cunning, vicious, and dangerous. Most importantly? THEY CHEAT! There are no rules of behavior and these people are not interested in giving you a chance to show your prowess. What you can do is train to identify telltale signals and defend yourself effectively to get away from the confrontation. You want to be able to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!
What does weapons training, in particular stick and knife fighting, have to do with street fighting? I don?t carry a knife and may not have a stick!
Weapons training involves hand/eye coordination for targeting, footwork, ambidexterity, reflexes, timing, etc. These attributes enhance one?s empty-hand fighting skills.
What is mindset and why is it important?

In a violent confrontation, you must act quickly and decisively. You don?t have time to search through your personal catalogue of favorite moves or mismatched techniques you?ve seen in the movies or videos. Mindset is the attitude that you will do everything possible, however brutal, using gross motor skills to defend yourself in a violent attack and walk away.

"To put it simply, if it was not for Jim’s teachings I would have had my ass beaten several times. Due to the training and techniques I experienced through Jim, I was able to get myself out of some terribly lopsided situations effectively and violently. It wasn’t about fighting pretty. As Bruce Lee once said, “IT took over.” When asked what it was he replied, “IT is what I have been training for all my life.” Jim can give you IT." - James Devine Former Student and Friend

My Goal Is To Educate And Train You To:

Recognize and interpret body language

Handle fear

Inflict pain and damage

Create space

Train in an environment that is realistic, that emphasizes learning and mastering fighting with resistance rather than static techniques!


* * * Now accepting students on a limted basis. * * *


Jim WinterbottomBIO: Jim Winterbottom, Instructor

(443) 830-1288

Two years Okinawan karate

Studied and trained four years in Krav Maga, an Israeli combat oriented
martial art.

Trained and promoted to Instructor under Paul Vunak in JKD Concepts:

Member of Bakbakan International, featuring Kali Ilustrisimo:

Member of Burton Richardson's JKD Unlimited:

Co-founder and Senior Instructor in police combatives Cop-Safe, Inc.:

Currently teaching private and semi-private lessons


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